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Book Recommendation: Virtual Shadows – Your Privacy in the Information Society

December 10, 2009

This book, written by my friend and HP colleague Karen Lawrence Oqvist is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in privacy, social networks and web 2.0. You can find it on here.

Here is the Amazon review I wrote:

Over the course of our daily lives we generate and leave behind a vast amount of “digital DNA”, both online and off, and the consequences can be enormous. In her new book “Virtual Shadows: Your Privacy in the Information Society”, Karen Lawrence Oqvist details the many ways in which our society inadvertently or purposefully tracks our actions. From “Customer Loyalty Programs” to Social Networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, and everything in between, Ms. Oqvist examines the ramifications of our computer actions, and how we can better protect ourselves and our children from the examination and potential misuse of our personal information. This is a must-read book for anyone who uses an Internet-connected computer, or has children who do.

Karen also authors a privacy blog called Virtual Shadows that has served as an inspiration to me. I recommend you visit her blog.

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